Discover how hard Hardox® wear plate works to provide superior wear resistance during the entire service life of a wear plate.

Built to take a beating

Rocks, sand, coal, minerals, scrap metal and other hostile materials find it hard to make a lasting impression on Hardox® wear plates. With its combination of high hardness, strength and toughness, Hardox® steel has proven itself as the abrasion-resistant steel of choice for extending the service life of equipment, parts and structures in the most challenging environments.

A lifetime of savings

Extreme wear resistance is also a strategic business factor. When you extend the service life of your equipment two, five or even ten or more times, you can watch your productivity — and your savings — grow.


The hard facts

Hardness is the property that provides excellent wear protection during the entire service life of a Hardox® wear plate.

твърдост  Hardness minimizes wear since the edges of abrasive material have difficulty cutting into the hard surface.

твърдост  More than skin deep, Hardox® features all-through hardness.

твърдост  The hardness does not conflict with Hardox® wear plate’s structural performance.

твърдост  Hardox® steel comes in a wide range of grades and dimensions to suit your particular application.

How hard is hard?

Whatever you call this property — yield strength, tensile strength or hardness — we know that it keeps a structure in shape without the structure becoming plastically deformed. Watch how we test Hardox® steel before it digs into the ground.